There’s been so much negativity about the future of our country that it’s actually getting ridiculous. Our situation is bad, yes. It could be worse. We can all see it and I guess that’s kinda the first step…admitting that we have a problem is the first step to recovery.
Ok, shap! But what is our real problem in South Africa? Is it Jacob Zuma? He he he he. I’m sure most of us can at least agree that he has acted in a way that says “eff you!” to all of us. Is it the The African National Congress? The ANC leadership #Top6 has done very little to show us that they see his wrongdoing. Uncle Gweezy is ‘ouchea’ waxing lyrical about everything but nothing at the same time and ‘fetching people’ when he should be checking JZ. This party is not respecting us so then they are guilty by association.
Then there is the Gupta thing looming over us where we’re not even sure where the power actually lies and who makes the decisions. Who is the real head of our Executive? Like Separation of Powers doctrine for who? Constitution for what? Democracy or nah? Elections for ini?
But I think that South Africa has an even bigger problem than all of this. We are still a nation that is divided. In the face of all this rubbish we cannot even come together as South Africans because we don’t trust each other.
A year ago I had these very frustrations where I saw the UCT community being divided by the colonialist symbols of CJR and company. Now I see that the entire nation still stands divided on even the most basic social issues. We’re still debating on whether privilege is real or if patriarchy will ever fall. Womxn still don’t feel safe in spaces that are supposed to be revolutionary. We are not willing to swallow our pride and to start actively listening to the concerns of our fellow citizens. We are too busy prioritising our own pain when people’s lives are in danger.
The ANC’s clear majority is what keeps them complacent. It’s hard to see them getting voted out in the next 2 elections because as frustrated as we are at them, the opposition parties have not done enough to show us a clear way forward. We need to all reflect on what it is that we actually want and where we want to see ourselves in the next couple of years. We need to set goals. Right now we are only saying what we don’t want as opposed to what we actually want. We are also waiting for a hero to come and save us. Guys, no. Mandela is gone. We need to save ourselves.

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