*At the university currently known as Rhodes*

This cop really confuses me when he says, “welcome to the real world” at the end. Sorry, what? So we must keep quiet about our abuse? Nah, fam! I don’t want to live in a world where rapists are protected and get to be free while we are forced to suffer in silence.

I stand with the brave womxn of Rhodes and the other institutions!
The mbokodos will lead.

Men fear going to jail, not because of the confinement but because they are scared of the possibility of getting raped. The same fear that men have when they think about jail is the same fear we have on a daily basis. When we walk in the streets, when we go to class, when we’re home alone, always. It doesn’t go away.

When womxn get raped people ask “what was ‘she’ wearing?”, “why was ‘she’ walking alone?” and “why did ‘she’ drank so much?”. No one asks what men were wearing when they get raped in jail. No one says they were “asking for it”.

We live in a society that places the blame on the victim (survivor) rather than the criminal. We get told not to wear things that are “too short” in case we get the wrong type of attention. We are warned not to do things that would in any way “trigger”‘ the inner rapists to target us rather than simply teaching people what “no” means.

Women are not able to express their sexuality or their bodies without being shamed. Rapists gets excused because “boys will be boys”.

Then these hoteps have the nerve to say that “[they] find it difficult to support [us] because they hear of fake rape stories on a daily basis”.
Well if that’s the case fvck your support. We can honestly do without it.
Miss me with that bullshxt. I will not be silenced.

‪#‎RapeCultureMustFall‬ ‪#‎RUReferenceList‬ ‪#‎NakedProtest‬


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