If you never spoke in defense of the poor before the #junkstatus, please spare us now.

Don’t act like the landless Azanians, who are being deprived of their dignity on the daily, are your key concern. If that was the case you would have put your money and mouth behind the future of the country instead of vilifying them.

You’re only speaking out now because you’re starting to feel the effects of an economy you thought was yours to control.


**side note**

I do not support what is going on. I do not think #junkstatus is good for anyone. I just think that it is ridiculous to ignore people’s real motivations behind their newly found protests passion.


One thought on “#Junk

  1. Darling Busi,
    Thank you for your marvellous blogs which continue to make my day when received.
    Your latest Dear White People has to rank right up there with the best…
    Your insight and sense of humour continue to confirm my belief that we do indeed live in the best country on the planet……..
    This morning put me once again in my usual upbeat mood when I read your
    Protest 101 for white people, in bed, as stated in my email to you,it was right on point!!!
    As for your reference to “Bongs” in the Office …it had me laughing out loud!
    Thank you!
    Keep them coming
    I love you❤


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