Even if the government were to take out a loan in order to fund free education, for all, from pre school all the way to PhD level, it would be worth it after a couple of years. It would be the best investment we could make. #MaximumReturns

If our politicians could just stop with the corruption for long enough to consider what’s best for the entire population then they’d see this.

South Africans are already talented and resilient without free and accessible education. Now imagine how grayyyt we would be if education and skills were available to all? #Firstworldvibes

If we funded all students, not only in traditional institutions like UCT and WITS but also FETs and technical universities, we would see a shift in society. Education would become tangible and accessible to even those who had given up and dropped out because they didn’t see the possibility of ever taking their studies further.

We would be saying to every person living in South Africa, young and old, “hey, you have a bright future!”

Education is a right. It’s not a privilege and so it must not be commodified. It needs to be brought to the masses. It must be as abundant as the air we breathe.

Studies show that you’re more likely to go to university and pursue a degree of your parents have degrees. In other words, if you educate a child, you are educating generations to come.

Our efforts and spirits to fight for free quality decolonised and intersectional education must not dwindle. We must stay on this course as this is our generational mission.



Dear Men

TW: rape

Dear men

Even if you saw me walking around wearing barely anything at all on the street, it doesn’t mean I’m asking for anything. In fact it probably means I’m trying to get from point A to point B.

If your thoughts are “she’s asking for it” or “what does she expect, we’re men?” Then you are the problem.

Babies get raped, please explain what babies are wearing that is sexually provocative?

Men get raped in prison, what are they wearing then that is sexually provocative? Orange jumpsuits?

People joke about never wanting to drop the soap in the shower because that’s seen as an invitation for non consensual anal sex. Is it not then clear that outfits or the victim’s actions are not the problem here but men’s entitlement?

Your entitlement is the issue. Men rape not because they are horny. They rape because they feel like they are entitled to the sex that is not being offered. They feel like you are advertising something that you’re not selling and so they feel cheated.

Men grope and touch womxn because they feel entitled to our bodies like we exist merely for them to touch us.

Men rape because they want to show that they have the power to take what isn’t theirs to take in the first place.

Men cat-call because they think womxn wake up every morning and get ready just for them and their attention.

Men send unsolicited dick pics because they think we should be grateful to lay our eyes on their shrivelled tiny manhoods.

Men rape trans womxn and abuse womxn who wear makeup because they feel that these women wear makeup to fool them instead of… hmm I don’t know perhaps living their truth and expressing themselves in the way they feel inside?

Men rape their girlfriends and wives because they feel entitled to their bodies as if they own them as as if being in a relationship with someone means you owe them sex.

A guy in the club will buy you one round of drinks in the club and think you owe him 3 rounds of sex. It’s ridiculous. I can drink 4 bottles of your champagne and go home and sleep alone in my bed without even giving you my number. I don’t owe you jack Shit.

I am so tired of victim blaming and shaming. It’s not our fault. We are not asking for it. We are tired of being silenced. We refuse to keep quiet.

Kind Regards
Busi Mjiyakho
A survivor


Dear black “South Africans”

Dear black “South Africans” listen, until we can speak our mother tongues freely without fear of being branded as “farmish”, we are not free.
Until people stop asking us “can I call you…x instead?”, we are not free.
Until we stop giving our children English names for the convenience of the English speaking world, we are not free.
Until we can love and celebrate black womxn regardless of their skin tones, we are not free.
Until we can stop policing black hairstyles, we are not free.
Until we can accept our Nigerian, Congolese, Somalian, Zimbabwean, etc brothers and sisters as we see accept our Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Venda etc brothers and sisters, we are not free (BORDERS ARE COLONIAL CONSTRUCTS!)
Until we stop equating success with whiteness, we are not free.
Until we stop believing Jesus was white, we are not free.
Until we stop believing that homosexuality was introduced by white people, we are not free.
Until we stop teaching African history from a European perspective, we are not free.
Until our 9 African languages are ACTUALLY PRACTICALLY seen as official we can never consider ourselves as free.

Inde le ndlela but we can get there if we try.

Kind Regards
Busi Mjiyakho

The future is in our hands

Does anyone else get stressed about how they’re going to raise their unborn kids and adopted kids to be decent human beings?

Does anyone else toss and turn about raising their future sons in a manner that destroys patriarchy and rape culture?

Does anyone else have sleepless nights about teaching their daughters that there are no limits to what they can achieve?

Does anyone else struggle to catch ubuthongo when they think about how early in life they have to teach their kids that consent is not the absence of no but the presence of yes?

Does anyone else get anxiety about how to go about correctly teaching their children about acceptance regardless of sex, gender, race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, class, etc?

Does anyone else get nervous about these things, or is it just me?