Contact Busi Mjiyakho


5 thoughts on “Contact Busi Mjiyakho

  1. Hi Busi
    We currently have an international court case underway which could bring remedy to the people against the current corrupt system. Please feel free to read our information at and please feel free to contact brother Thomas at for further information to educate the people. There are many misconceptions regarding banking, money, our current system of governance and our courts, all of which are not to the will of the people.
    In peace, bt

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  2. i think you live in a dream world come down from your pedestal and come see how bad things really are in your beloved country, come deal with crime and hunger and poverty every day you might just start singing a different song and no I wongt vote for you, your a dreamer like zuma, dreaming of your own little Nkandla!!!!! get a real clue girl you so making your name asssssssss!!!!!!!!


  3. the background makes it very difficult – probably impossible to read = sadly because I thought you had something very useful to say


    • Sorry, I tried to change the settings. The blog was set up in quite a hurry because I was trying to make things more accessible to those without Facebook.


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