Our Mission Statement:

Siyakhuluma_Mzansi is an organisation aiming to confront challenges, create solutions and bring transformation to South Africa, Africa and even the world. We aim to do this through the use of two fundamental principles.

Firstly, that all our ideas and thoughts are malleable. Nothing is set in stone. We, as an organisation, strongly believe we do not have a monopoly on the truth, and more so we believe that as time goes on, so do our ideas.

Secondly, that everything we build must be from the ground up “Grass Roots”: Every project we undertake, acknowledges that for success a principled foundation is required.

1. The most important component of this foundation (the rock, if you will) is communication: South Africans have, for the last 10 or so years, struggled to communicate honestly with each other. If we cannot communicate about our problems, we cannot find solutions. It is this philosophy from which we gain our name, Siyakhuluma Mzansi.

2. To achieve this Goal, we espouse the following core values:
• Honesty: for real communication, we need to be honest about how we feel. We must not censor any of our opinions, for how can we confront them if we refuse to believe they exist?
• Listening: we believe listening must also be done with an open mind, not with the expectation to respond or defend oneself, but rather with the intention to understand.
• Exploration: We believe that as a process, when someone says something instead of trying to find evidence for why it is wrong, explore why they believe it is right.
• Self-exploration: In aligning with our value of honesty, we must acknowledge how we feel when someone says something and explore it. If we feel attacked, we must explore why we feel attacked, to understand where that feeling comes from.
• Empathy: We believe that everyone, no matter how privileged has significant struggles that cannot be compared, and do not need to be. We wish to acknowledge and find solutions, not deny their existence.

With these goals and values in mind, we are willing to use any tools at our disposal. For now, we will be making use of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to encourage this dialogue. We plan to create educational content to help people develop the values we feel are so core to society, and our future.

Finally, a call to users. For our society to transform, we all need to be involved. We all need to start talking about our future, acknowledge the problems we face. We encourage everyone to not only discuss with us, but as often as is appropriate, discuss with everyone you know. Akin to the philosophies of Steve Biko, we believe in order to achieve true transformation we need to transform our ways of thinking and then, by extension, our ways of communicating.

Truth and reconciliation (for the entire country, not just for a few media worthy significant cases).


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